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Our Team

Grace Honduras Heroes

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Katherine Melissa Mejía

Founder & CEO

Katherine, Founder of Grace Honduras, holds a Bachelor's in Ed-Clinical-Business Psychology, Master's in HRM, and pursuing a Master's in Clinical Psychology. She is certified in Preschool Ed Methodology, with plans to study for a Bachelor's in Special Ed next year. She is a social entrepreneur award recipient and passionate about psychology and psychopedagogy. She has worked in brigades as a translator and in Grace Honduras since 2013. Enjoys Pink Floyd, Netflix, sushi, and 2 cups of coffee daily. Views Grace Honduras as her daughter and her life purpose, inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:9.

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Allan Gerhardus
López Reyes

Project Developer

Allan is a sociologist with a Bachelor's degree from the National University of Honduras. He has worked as a consultant on social development projects in various departments in Honduras before settling in San Pedro Sula. Allan enjoys reading and playing soccer in his free time and has a passion for music and films with a social sense. He is a dedicated member of Grace Honduras, where he works to help children and has formed close relationships with his coworkers, whom he considers a second family. Allan is dedicated to his job, which he loves, and considers himself at the service of the children 24/7. He is motivated by the positive impact he is having on their lives and is dedicated to serving with excellence and love.

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Nadia Sarahí Rodríguez Fino


Nadia is a hardworking individual who values learning and personal growth. She has a background in administrative informatics and has worked in a commercial store and a call center. Nadia is currently working for Grace Honduras and feels happy and fulfilled contributing to the education of the students. She values a good work environment based on respect and trust and finds inspiration in her faith, with her favorite verse being Philippians 4:13.

Menna Gabriela Santos Carranza

Preschool Principal Teacher

Menna Gabriela Santos is a 26-year-old Honduran psychologist with a degree from the National University of Honduras. Menna has a passion for education and has worked as a teacher and counselor in both formal and informal settings. She is currently a preschool principal teacher and provides psychological assistance and counseling at Grace Honduras. Menna values her family and considers God to be her guide in life. In her free time, she enjoys painting, singing, cooking, and reading. Menna is also a fan of music, the sea, and animals, with a particular fondness for dolphins.


Jennifer López Orellana 

Preschool Assistant

Currently in senior year of high school, studying Sciences and Humanities (Graduating in 2021). Passionate about music, soccer, ceviche, and Coca-Cola. Values her relationship with Grace Honduras and believes in the importance of friendship and unity in the workplace. Holds strong values, represented by her favorite verse Colossians 3:23. Empathetic and responsible, with strong work ethics and positive outlook towards life. Committed to making a positive impact on children through her work.

Jenny Elizabeth Orellana Trujillo

Coordinator of the parent volunteers in the kitchen

Doña Jenny is a dedicated member of the kitchen team and holds the responsibility of overseeing the Nutritional Programme. She is also the coordinator of the parent volunteers in the kitchen. With the arrival of Grace, Doña has seen a remarkable change in her life and community. The community was dull and had difficulties sending children to school, but now, thanks to Grace, all the children are studying and her daughter Jennifer is even graduating from high school with a scholarship. The team, led by Grace, also built Doña a new home after the hurricanes Eta and Iota, which she is grateful for. Doña loves cooking for the children and sees their growth as a source of inspiration and blessing.


Gloria Esperanza Ochoa Caceres

Kitchen Cook

Gloria is a dedicated individual who works in the kitchen. With three sons and a granddaughter attending Grace, she is an active member of the school community. Despite her previous job as a can picker at a trash dump, she has persevered to achieve financial stability and a job she loves. Her hard work has resulted in consistent meals on the table, a new home, and the soon-to-be launch of her own micro-business selling food.

Narciso Dositeo Martínez Chacon


Chito (Narciso) is a multi-talented individual who works at Grace, where he performs various tasks including construction, school maintenance, gardening, and any other needed chores. Chito feels grateful for the job as it has provided him with a sense of dignity and identity. Prior to working at Grace, Chito used to collect copper and aluminum at the dump, but he no longer does so. Additionally, Chito's 4 children and wife are students at Grace, which has also given him the opportunity to learn and grow.

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