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About Grace Honduras


Our Organization

Grace Honduras is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those who work and live in the garbage dump in San Pedro Sula City. Join us in our effort to make a difference in the lives of those who work and live in the garbage dump in San Pedro Sula City.

Our Mission

Our mission at Grace Honduras is to stand against child exploitation by educating and empowering families who work in the garbage dumps in Honduras.

Our Vision

Our vision at Grace Honduras is to provide integral assistance and create opportunities for them to have a brighter future and eventually leave the work in the trash dump. 

Our Story

Grace Honduras is a non-profit organization founded by Katherine Mejía after she accepted Jesus into her heart and decided to dedicate her life to helping those in need. The journey began when Katherine witnessed a young boy walking barefoot through piles of trash, which sparked a deep compassion within her and led her to volunteer for a mission trip.

In 2016, Katherine attempted to start a project in the trash dump of San Pedro Sula but encountered numerous difficulties and obstacles.

However, after meeting Eddy, a six-year-old boy walking barefoot in the dump, they were inspired to try again. With just $200 for food and volunteer teachers, they started classes with 25 students in a building with no doors or windows. Despite financial difficulties, she with a couple of volunteers persevered, Katherine sold her car to buy supplies and pay for teachers.

Today, Grace Honduras has 200 students, 10 high school students, 1 university student, 6 classrooms, two daily meals, school supplies, 7 teachers, legal assistance for birth certificates, and healthcare brigades. All of this is possible only through the grace of God. Eddy and his whole family are still part of the Grace Honduras community. 

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