Walk with us in our adventure to live the grace of Jesus Christ by bringing hope to the communities working and living in the trash dumps of Honduras.

Your financial help will make possible for children that work in precarious conditions in the garbage dump to assist school, receive medical care, nutritious meals, empowerment by teachers and mentors, the welding vocational project in Tegucigalpa, family assistance and for all to learn the life-changing love of Jesus.

Our responsibility is keeping our accounting with integrity and transparency.


To support our project you can:
1.) Pray for our children.
2.) Tell your friends about us.
3.) Donating what God puts into your

Our greatest sponsoring needs include:
Sponsor a child $36
Sponsor a class $100
Sponsor a teacher $200
Sponsor a family $150


NOTE: If you are living in Honduras you can make a donation at the savings account Grace Honduras 010120326730 in Lempiras and through "hugo" app, you can find Grace Honduras under the category of "hugocare".