University Students

Praise God and His infinite love, we got scholarships for our students to continue their journey into following their dream, meet each one of them:

Kevelin Marisela Paz Antúnez

Currently enrolled in a Bachelor´s in Biology in the National University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa.
Kevelin is our first university girl. Pastor Jeony Ordóñez has supported Kevelin and all her family for more than 15 years. Due to several financial problems Kevelin finished high school this 2017 and could not continue university. We found her in July in the trash dump, working with her mother. We prayed and believe in God and two months later, we got the necessary support for her to enroll in university. Kevelin is now taking three classes and stop working in the dump. Read Kevelin's story High Hopes in our blog clicking here: Grace Blog
Kevelin 2.jpg

Eidy Edith Paz Antúnez

Currently enrolled in a Bachelor´s in Marketing with Publicity Orientation. 
Eidy is in her senior year in Ceutec University, with only 2 classes left she is back on track thanks to a special sponsor. 
Eidy has been withy Pastor Jeony since she was a little girl, but in early 2018, she faced a major setback in her life. 
She went back to work in the trash dump. 
Eidy told us, during her time out of university that she cried every night, thinking her life would be over. 
She feels extremely blessed to be back in the university and with the goal to graduate with Magna Cum Laude honors. 
Her dream is to provide for her family and own a publicity agency.