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One more lesson to learn

We were cordially invited by José Abraham to visit his home, José Abraham, a 6-year-old first grader, already has suffered the loss of his father, who was recently killed in the trash dump and was found buried in a plant nursery in front of the dump a month later; story told by Doña Aracely, mother of José Abraham, a 50-year-old woman, abused by life.

“Our home is just a small house, but God knows we live here.” It's the first thing you see in the doorway when you arrive at the small hut built with cardboard, pieces of plastic and some ramps they have found in the garbage dump, where Doña Aracely, her children and deceased husband work.

In this narrow place there are six people living, including two children: José Abraham, six years old, who wants to be a policeman when he grows up, four-year-old Darwin, Doña Aracely grandson, who wants to enroll in the military; both of them attend to Grace School.

"The house" has two beds and two chairs in pieces. Doña Aracely faces life every day waiting for the benevolence of people who give them something to eat, other times they go to the dump where they have better luck, because they can get some clothes they wear, so the same dump provides them, so they don't have to walk around naked.

- "Life can be cruel," said Doña Aracely,

-“Eight months ago they lent us this piece of land where we built this hut (referring to the house) but they gave us nine months to be here, in September we must undo it and find where to build it again"

- "What happens if they find no one else to lend them a property for them to live?", I fearfully asked, because I didn’t want to put more pressure on her than life already buries on her shoulders.

- “I have thought about building something that can even cover us from the sun, right there on the edge of the street, what are we going to do? If life is like that". She emphasizes highlighting her lack of hope.

We do not need to run tests or be psychologists to realize that Doña Aracely is in a very serious depression, her desire to live is because José Abraham needs her now more than ever, otherwise I don't know what she would have done with her life; But I can guess by her crestfallen gaze…

A few weeks ago a neighbor gave them a small refrigerator, José Abraham is very proud to have something new in his house, he invited Katherine to look at their new acquisition, when he opened the refrigerator door, water was dripping from the inside, there was only a pot full of water they use to drink and pieces of ice everywhere.

While Katherine and I looked at the refrigerator, Darwin and José used dirty water that they had collected from the rain to drink and wash their face to cool off the heat.

By late afternoon, dawn is close, the whole family will gather inside the "house" to thank God for the day and entrust the day yet to come. Everyone thank God for having spent another day without regretting any family death.

Although José Abraham doesn’t stop thinking about his dad and how good he was with him, especially because he constantly brought him toys from the trash dump.

We sometimes tend to forget to thank God for life itself, but today the Fernandez Family taught me a lesson to never forget.

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