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How do you know your prayers are being answered?

This afternoon, during lunch, Eidy one of our university students told us about the supernatural experience she had three days ago.

Generally, the taxi that brings her at night from the university to her house always arrives before Eidy finishes her classes, but this time for some reason the taxi driver got there late.

While Eidy waited outside the university, a man on a motorcycle parked in front of her, immediately Eidy noticed that she was alone, but showed no fear. This man demands her to give him her cellphone, purse (with her laptop inside) and all her money, without showing resistance, Eidy gave the man what he asked, she carried no cash because she told him that she never takes money to the university because she has a ride that picks her up.

This is the way thieves with sagacity assault on the streets, especially outside Eidy’s university. If you resist a robbery, you can get easily killed. This is common on Honduras. That day Eidy was part of the statistics.

The thief left, but unexpectedly came back to Eidy, he commented to her that he felt a little strange, uneasy, had never felt this way.

Full of fear, Eidy became speechless.

That guy took off his helmet and as he brought his hand to his waist Eidy thought was going to reach his gun that he had previously show he was carrying.

Eidy’s thoughts and heart rate were running, thinking the thief was going to shoot her.

Surprisingly, the thief took out Eidy’s cellphone and gave it back to her.

He repeatedly says to her “I’m so sorry, I feel so ashamed, I don’t know what happened, I have done this for many years but with you I feel very embarrassed, I promise you I don't want to do this, but my son is in the hospital I have no other option, sorry I'm embarrassed.”

Eidy, somewhat confused with what was happening, said, "Do not worry, I understand, I promise that even with all God has a plan with you and he can heal your child" The man told him that no one had ever treated him like this, that she, even having been assaulted, was preaching him about Jesus.

After he returned what he had stolen from Eidy, Eidy blessed his life and told him she was going to pray for him and his son.

The taxi that picks up Eidy arrived and saw her talking to the thief. The driver told Eidy, he recognized the thief, that only a few minutes earlier this same man had assaulted other people at another bus station near the university.

God had definitely saved Eidy.

Now we know the meaning when God says:

“I am your protection”.

Thank you for your prayers for Grace and her students, your prayers are definitely being effective.

Eidy is in her senior year, studying a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Publicity in Ceutec University.

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