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Grace running into the fourth industrial revolution?

In the last couple of days, I’ve been busy looking for ways to develop a better teaching strategy for the children and families who live in the dumpster.

With the motto "Learning to learn" we’re trying to speed up the way we teach and what we teach; Of course I’m not happy, especially because our population are unique students and our possibilities limited.

Three industrial revolutions have already passed.

The first industrial revolution was in the eighteenth century, the era of hydraulic and steam engines; the second one between 1850 -1870, the discovery of electricity, the chemical and automotive industry came to change the way to teach and learn and the third one during 1945 – 1969, the incorporation of micro-electronics and information technology to automate the production; it changed the curriculum, strategy and educational system.

Now the developed countries are living the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution with internet, cyber physical systems, the cloud, digital coordination, artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

How are we going to embrace changes of the 4th Industrial revolution in Grace?

Each new scientific discovery brings greater demands in education, this has been quite relevant in order to get a better job opportunity that improves the quality of life.

But our children are caught between the first and the third industrial revolution. Some of them don’t have access to electricity in their homes, women use a stone to grind corn and a two-piece wooden machine to make tortillas, however, they have cell phones and a Facebook account. But it’s enough to read just a few lines of what they’re writing to know that they lack education.

Although some have left the garbage dump and are about to finish university, we still have a long way to go with 130 students in elementary school.

All of our children and teenagers do not want a life in the trash dump, but the challenge of a world in a technological Darwinism (only the most updated will survive) tells them that they will not succeed.

Nevertheless, placing their trust in God tells them that what is impossible for the world, for God everything is possible. He is the Lord of everything, even the Lord of the fourth industrial revolution.

At Grace we will continue to do our best so that those who have no hope can bring transformation through education to their family, their community, their city, their country and the world.

At Grace we do not want to create technocrats, but conscientious citizens who are well-trained academically and critical thinking.

We will make an effort and make a big difference in this community

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