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The beginning of the end

In a country like ours, getting up without knowing what will happen, dying of hunger or being killed without a reason, is almost every day’s bread.

Trash Dump

Young people commit suicide after going through a serious depression because they didn’t have any chance to excel.

"Every morning is the same as yesterday, there is no work, there is only opportunity if I am part of the bad guys (a gang member), I can only wait for the night so that the tiredness overcomes me and I fall asleep, then wake up and start again living from nothing."

"I dreamt of being an engineer as a child, of being someone in life, but now my dream is dead"

"As hope is lost, the dreams dissipate and the will to live dies with them."

"When hunger is stronger than shame then it forces me to beg, but I have an opportunity to steal, I steal."

Phrases of young people in the dumpster.

With only 19 years sitting on the sidewalk of the catholic church in his community, with a look on his face of defeat, which implored help without speaking. Face that shouted in silence: I am nothing! I cannot do anything! that is how I saw José Adán.

An intelligent and talented young man I have known since he was a child in the garbage school, he managed to get to the last year of high school, but he could not graduate.

“How’s your life going?” I asked him, "well, there it goes" he answered me.

“What are you doing these days?” I rephrase the question. “Nothing”, he answered without knowing that he was also reformulating his response.

"Well, if you want to talk with me, you know where to find me", I said, knowing in my heart that he was never going to look for me, "goodbye" he said to me, following with a big sigh.

My heart was crying and my mind was thinking, how many hours invested in him, how much effort I spent, how many lost dreams, in addition to prayers and talks for years.

When José Adan was a child, I asked him: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” while others said they wanted to be: scrap collectors, truck drivers who collect garbage, police, firemen etc. José said he wanted to be an engineer.

But in a moment that dream was put on hold, the hopes of achieving it are extinguished in time, while life goes away, and without realizing you wake up one day and it's been 10 or 15 years, then you say: "If I had taken advantage of that opportunity, I would be ...... "

I've heard that story so many times in the dumpster and I knew I was about to listen to it once again in the mouth of José Adán. I felt so frustrated.

The next day, José arrived at my house, what a surprise, I could not believe it, it was a miracle.

I stopped doing what I was doing and we sat down with him, while we talked about what happened two years ago, he told me incredible things, like: “When I could not graduate I looked for a job, anything before returning to the trash dump, I worked looking for scrap in the colonies, sometimes we did well, sometimes we did not eat all day, then I worked as an assistant in a construction, that was hard, now the work is over and that's how these two years went, its been several months since I had a paying job, I’ve been doing nothing, close to making horrible decisions in my life of "job" offers to make easy money and I've been considering it. My life has no meaning, no reason, if I die; I die, that is what the destiny holds for me "

“Why have you come?” I asked him.

"Yesterday, when I saw you, I was thinking: it's a new opportunity from God, God remembered me. I told my mother, I told her I was coming.”

“What is your plan?” I said.

"I want to finish high school" José replied.

“How is that situation? I was in your graduation”.

"Yes, I went to the celebration, but I was missing classes to finish high school." José said.

“What will happen when you finish high school?” I asked.

"If I have the opportunity to continue, I want to study in college, now I am more determined than ever, I want to be an engineer" José said with determination.

Immediately that afternoon we went to research about his situation and we managed to enroll him in his last classes, this year José Adam returns to high school. He also told me he already approved the exam at the National University. (Amazing)

Although José Adan was at the beginning of the end of his life, when he lost hope and lost his dream, when we returned for lunch I saw that his face come back to life; the hope resuscitated, the dreams returned to forge a path to reach them, then I said: “José, the dreams are waiting for you to reach them, they will never come looking for you, they only show up at a distance, but when you reach the goal and the traps; never, but never, never go away, once you reach them are yours and no one else's, they are inseparable friends forever.”

With his face lit he said: "I will achieve it, I will not let them go."

Join Grace, so that José Adán achieves his dreams.

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