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How do I know she is a warrior?

In ancient times, a warrior was identified by the number of battles he had faced. Regardless of whether he has won them or not, with only the fact of having been part of the fighting army was counted as a brave and courageous warrior, who has earned the honor and respect of all. But even if someone wanted to go smart, saying that it was part of the war but was really hidden during the battle, to obtain that honorable title, he had to present his credentials; their scars from the swords and spears that the different battles had left were a sign of honor and they gloried proudly of each of them.

These fierce warriors in battle were willing to stay in the fight while their lungs were still breathing.

The Apostle Paul describes it better. 2 Corinthians 4: 8-10 8 we are troubled in everything, but not distressed; in trouble, but not desperate; 9 persecuted, but not forsaken; knocked down, but not destroyed; 10 always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.

Then, let me tell you about some of the battles that Daniela has faced in her life, so we will decide if she deserves or not the title of warrior.

1. At the age of 10 years, she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, so it was necessary to enter hemodialysis. (For 6 hours, three times a week she had to be connected to a machine while her blood was being purified.) Many of these patients could not continue with their studies, but it was not an impediment for Daniela, who after school went to the hospital and while she was connected she did her homework. A transplant was the best, but the costs were very high ($ 100,000 costs of surgery) and were only performed in the United States. So the chances of dying became more and more eminent. In a strange and miraculous way in 2008, at the age of 14 she had a kidney transplant, in Honduras and at no cost.

2. Shortly after the transplant, due to hemodialysis, she was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, (pain and inflammation of the bones of the feet) she could not walk because of decalcification in her bones. So it was necessary therapy and medication that would only relieve the symptoms but not cure the problem.

This also did not prevent her from continuing to study, also obtaining academic excellence.

3. At the end of school at age 18, she entered the University to study Medicine, but another battle was to be faced. At age 20, she was diagnosed with a pseudo-brain tumor due to intracranial hypertension. (It is a serious neurological disorder that is characterized by an increase in the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) inside the cranial cavity.) So it was necessary to install a cerebral valve, which could drain the liquid that caused much headache. It was also necessary to cut the hair for the installation of the valve.

4. This valve did not work and due to the lack of promptly treatment, it caused the obstruction of the nerves of the right ocular globule. The installation of another valve being necessary, this obstruction produced total blindness in the right eye and loss of 50% of the vision in the left eye. This battle made her dream of being a doctor truncated, which caused her depression for almost two years and she discontinued her studies. It seemed that the battle of life had caused this warrior to desist from fighting, however in 2016, she decided to return to the university to study psychology. Even with her difficulty to see, Daniela faced the challenge, with a Cum Laude percentage, taking six classes per period.

5. This year, in January we had to stop her studies, this time not for her, but now for our economic problems we could not continue paying the university. But her faith, her encouragement and her phrase "do not worry" challenged us to look for options so that she could return to university. This last university trimester, the warrior returned to the battlefield and now with more strength, is in the university again at 24 years of age, she will finish this year with 36 approved classes and without lowering her academic GPA of excellence.

She was almost defeated but not destroyed ....

On one occasion while we were talking about her life and everything that has happened, keeping her faith in God and her service in the church as a leader in a home bible study, I asked her: What do you think about God and all the suffering you have lived? ? She answered, very firmly: "Even though He will kill me, I will continue to praise Him from the grave".

Judge yourself: does she deserves the title of warrior?

Ps: Currently Daniela volunteers at Grace applying psychometric tests as well as researching teaching methods that will help teachers in their work. Daniela is committed in helping the children working in the dump.

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