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High Hopes

The story of the young snowboard star, the British, Ellie Soutter, shocked the world of sports. The causes of his death on July 25, the day of his 18th birthday, were dramatic, after it was confirmed that she had taken her own life.

Young, talented and successful in her short career, beautiful and with a life ahead in which success was guaranteed. This was how the world around her perceived her, although the one who knew her the most, her father, Tony Soutter, knew that things were not so easy, or so idyllic.

The life of a teenager who was marked by the divorce of her parents. From that moment, Ellie left with her father to the French Alps and it was there where she began to love snowboarding. From a very young age she began to attract the attention of the sponsoring brands and her first successes began to arrive when she was only 16 years old. The last, the Young European Olympic Festival held in Turkey in 2017. There he won the bronze medal.

A member of the British snowboarding team, her next commitments would be the New Zealand World Championship next month and the possibility (according to the team's directors) to represent Great Britain at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022.

But all that was felled by what, according to words of his father, was "a small nonsense that put it to the limit".

"Unfortunately everything started when she lost a plane. That meant she could not train with the Great Britain team. She felt that she had failed them. "It just takes foolishness to take someone to the limit because there is a lot of pressure on the children" her father said…

However, 18-year-old Kevelin,

a garbage dump worker since she was a baby, with parents who have also lived by recycling in the garbage, with very few opportunities to have a promising life, does not think about committing suicide. Last Saturday I was in the garbage dump of Tegucigalpa and I was able to talk with Kevelin and her mother. When I started with the AFE project, after the first group of students finished high school in 2011, we thought that if we were not going to have a university scholarship we would only have professionals working in the dump. They finished high school, at the garbage dump as recyclers who had made significant progress in their studies but would not produce a really substantial change in their lives.

It is exactly what happens with Kevelin at this time. She finished high school last year, but cannot continue with the university because of her limited financial resources. She told me that she has tried to get a job but that it has been literally impossible, so she went back to the dump to subsist as she was supposed to, without thinking that the only alternative of her life, is suicide as the British girl, she has lost the plane of his studies for now, but believes God can open a door for an opportunity and is waiting for the next flight with high hopes.

It is a great difference that Jesus makes in the lives of people, especially in the lives of young people, they learn that "This light momentary tribulation brings a greater weight of glory".

A Colombian writer José María Vargas Vila, writes a lapidary phrase .... "if life is a martyrdom, suicide is a must" , this phrase does not apply in Kevelin. Although her life is in the most difficult situation that we can imagine, she is waiting for the manifestation of the children of God. Sign up to pray for her, encouraging her and if you have the opportunity, speak to those who have the opportunity to help Kevelin financially for a university scholarship.

Kevelin dreams of being a Biologist and is in the final stage of the process, Let's make her dream possible; tomorrow it may be your dream...

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