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God's silence

For an unknown reason to us between the book of Micah and Matthew there was a time lapse of 430 years of silence, which is known as: "The 430 years of God's silence", when God didn't communicate with humanity in the same way He had done since Creation.

The people of Israel sustained their faith by the writings of Moses and the prophets.

But when God manifests again, He does it in the most extraordinary way. It is shown in his son Jesus Christ.

After God told us to start with Grace in San Pedro Sula, it meant that He would have absolute control, would provide food for the children, teacher's salaries, how we would get desks for all of our children, a building, school supplies, etc.

But just a few months after we began, we entered what we call "God's silence" with Grace. The stress rose to the maximum, the question: "do we close the project or not?", came out afloat; we began to wonder: "Had we started something in God's will or was it pure emotion?".

All this questioning occurred in the silence of God...

For months, we did not find an answer to those questions and as it is almost always the particularity of Him, when we were about to collapse the silence ends and his ineffable supply began to flow.

We had an amazing year closure and this year 2018 has been more than amazing.

Our 85 students now have two meals per day, a year ago we could barely gave to 20 children a tortilla with one fruit to each one.

The need for provision was such that one day, Abigail, first grade student, fainted in the classroom.

Now we have a nutrition plan, a healthcare plan, clothes, shoes, desks, teachers salaries, a new refrigerator, and every week God keeps surprising us with more and more. This week we received a donation of 300 liters of milk.

His response after the silence has been more than surprising.

We can see the photographs and videos of the Indian Day Celebration, the scene improvised made by the teachers under a tree because we do not have space was great.

The parents made an outstanding effort to buy dresses and clothes that the "children of the trash dump" (we no longer call them like this, because they are Grace's children) used it for this event

Hopeless children with a terrifying future, now look like normal children and dream of going to college.

All this after the silence of God, when it seemed to us that God had no interest in Grace serving as a channel of blessing to people from the garbage dump.

Now He is glorified by the whole community of "el Ocotillo" and the "Savana".

The silence of God has taught me at least 3 things:

1) When He is silent, it is because He is thinking the greatest way to bless us and waits until the last moment for us to remember who was the one who did it. 2) When He is silent, it does not mean that He is not working. 3) In a musical pentagram, silence is also part of the music.

Silence does not mean absence.

Wait on Him and He will do. Psalm 37: 5

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