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Changing their thoughts

If you change your way of thinking, you change your way of living.


I was reading a book about neuropsychology and the effects that positive or negative motivation produces in people; their actions depend on what others tell them what they can do and cannot do.

The exercise consisted in asking someone to score the most baskets as possible in a free shot. The first participant, a girl, didn't score a single one, she said she had never play basketball before. The instructor ask to try to hoop one more time, she said she couldn't, she had tried enough.

The instructor insisted to try one more time, he said he believe she could do it, but this time he would cover her eyes, plus a group of people join to watch "what she can do".

The girl, knowing she wouldn't score accepted the challenge. The crowd the instructor brought, were people that would help in the experiment, they all knew she couldn´t play basketball.

She made her first shot, of course she failed but everybody cheered making her believe she scored, amazed she asked: "What happened?", "You did it, you scored", the instructor replied.

"It can't be" she said. "Do you want to try again?" asked the instructor. "Again! Again! Again!" shouted the audience.

"Yes" She said, a bit excited. The instructor cover her eyes and she made the worst shot ever but every shouted: "All right, great shot, excellent".

The instructor ask for 10 more shots but without covering her eyes. She score 4/10.

In other scenario the instructor picked a man with basketball player characteristics: tall, thin, quick, etc., plus experience in the game. He score 10/10 in the first try.

After all, the crowd came and the instructor cover the eyes of the second participant. The man was sure he wouldn't miss even though he couldn't see. But everytime he score the audience shouted: "get out", "you suck", he felt bad hearing those expressions and he didn't score on his last shots, due to lack of will.

Later the instructor said: "try to score again but this time without your eyes covered". He missed 5 shots. The explanation is that motivation produces a boost in your confidence.

We can conclude that negative and positive comments in the performance of the participants had a strong influence in self-confidence, changing their abilities for good and bad.

The brain is so powerful.

Working with children in the trash dump, we know they grow up listening negative comments like: "You can't do it", "you're unable", "you're lazy", "you have a learning disorder", "You will never finish school", "you'll never leave the dump", "I regret being your mother", "you're useless" and much more.

When we try to make them think positive, it can take years, whoever the process already began, that's why we are celebrating Christmas and graduation.

This is an important event, so we are planning on inviting: the mayor, vice-mayor, the governor, our doctor, parents, teachers, among others.

Never before someone had celebrated their achievement, not even celebrated Christmas with a gift. When someone asked what they want to be when they grow up the immediate answer was: "a batazero", meaning trash dump worker.

Now when asked the same question, they proudly answer: "doctor", "engineer", "nurse", "arquitect", etc.

If you want to be part of those who cheer, by changing their way of thinking, join by donating for this celebration, we would have gifts, diplomas, medals of honor, food and much more. In this moment the children are practicing their performance for that day, for the first time they will have new clothes for Christmas.

Like the positive motivation experiment with the basketball players we like to say the children they are more than a "life accident", that they are God's creation and he has a lot of interest in them.


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