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The big gap

My youngest niece just turn one year, her name is Sara Jimena. This past Sunday she visited my house, it´s amazing all the silly faces she can come up with. She climbs to the table and starts to crawl it. It´s hilarious watching her eat and her smile can light up all her face. While she was playing, Jennifer her mother and Javier my brother were side to side of her, like bodyguards. Sara Jimena is so protected that she is willing to take risks like throwing herself from the table, because she knows her father will catch her in the air. I love Sara Jimena.

In school, we have a two year old baby that reminds me of Sara Jimena, her name is Milli Esther.

I spent some time with her last week. She is just one year older than my niece, but the way she plays is quite different. We took her to the doctor, while we waited our appointment, she was laying down, looking sad, she probably didn’t had dinner the day before and her mom told us she didn’t gave them breakfast. It was 10 am.

After we gave her something to eat, the energy of a two year old came back, she started running, jumping, hugging me and playing with anything she could find on the street, because she doesn't have any toys.

Suddenly (without knowing I was watching her) she slipped on the mud and hurt her calf.

Her bare feet showed scars of previous injuries, but this was the first time I saw one.

Laying on the floor she lifted her head to look for someone who was paying attention to her. Tears almost came out of her eyes, but when she realized nobody was watching her she simply wiped the blood coming out of her open wound with her torn dress.

Maybe she simply thought: ¨It´s not worth crying¨.

A couple of days ago both of her sisters came to school with different bumps and scars, comparing her injury to theirs she could have thought: ¨This is nothing¨.

After five minutes she got herself up and kept on playing. Later, she came back and picked up two leaves that were laying on the floor to put them above her wound, like if these would lessen her pain.

I wonder what would my brother have done if Sara Jimena had an accident like Milli´s. Surely he would have taken her to the clinic to put bandages on her leg, took x-rays to make sure nothings broken and apply healing lotion. Praise God for Sara Jimena, because she has someone that takes care of her.

Both of them are almost the same age, but the big difference is that one of them has much more opportunities than the other one.

At last, Milli got checked by the doctor and received medical treatment, we put shoes on her feet and she has the chance to have a better life in Grace Preschool.

Before we said goodbye to Milli, she heard one of her sisters call me ¨dad¨, she asked me if she could refer to me from now on by ¨dad¨. I replied ¨of course, I am your dad¨.

Milli now says ¨papa¨ to me.

For a second think about how many Millis are waiting for opportunities, attention and love; for someone to take the responsibility of taking care of their own off their shoulders.

Would you like to lift up Milli from the floor? Take her to the doctor, giver her a proper meal and good education.

We can give Milli the opportunity to be a baby.

You can make the big gap disappear.

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