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Psychological Attention 
Psycho-pedagogical Intervention

In January 2021, 200 students were evaluated, from first to eighth grade, and in a period of two months, we were able to collect accurate information to develop the educational plan that adapts to the academic competencies of the students in order to achieve meaningful learning.


The evaluations consisted of assessing their reading, such as reading fluency, as well as reading comprehension.
In writing, by means of dictation, copying, and spontaneous writing, we focus on evaluating the coding,  graphomotricity, and composition. 

In the area of mathematics, we evaluated numeration (understanding of the place value of numbers), the arithmetic calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), and problem-solving. (Defior Citoler et al., 2015)
Reference: Defior Citoler, S., Serrano Chica, F., & Gutiérrez Palma, N. (2015). Specific learning difficulties. Editorial Synthesis.



Seeking to achieve full school inclusion inside and outside the classroom, overcoming segregation, to help our students develop their maximum potential, we have:


1.) Created a Mentoring Program: Divided into two groups: a.) Mentors with an ideal level appropriate for their grade: they help peers in lower grades or in their own grade who need extra support.

b.) "Mentors who need help": these are children who present difficulties in their learning; because we cannot place them into lower grades, since it would affect their self-esteem and they would be victims of bullying. They are assigned as mentors in lower grades to help the little ones and at the same time learn (while being in their class). This has helped them to strengthen their self-confidence, reinforce their knowledge and develop empathy.

2.) Finished the first phase (construction) of the nursery, as a prevention project with an aim of providing early stimulation, preventing personality and learning disorders, and significantly improving their general health. The nursery would assure us that this integral problem would STOP. We hope to begin this project in early 2023. 

3.) Made curricular adjustments and classroom accommodations.

4.) Made manuals with activities to plan creative classes, where all the content is exposed in a playful way and with material that stimulates their sensory system, focusing on developing motor and coordination skills. Up to this date, we have invested 5,000 dollars in purchasing new materials.

5.) Implemented new books where writing can be strengthened in the area of graphomotor skills.

6.) Opened two sections of Preschool; to take the time in the early stages of development and growth where the child makes quicker neuronal connections, with games directed towards sensorimotor development, visual-spatial coordination, socialization, numbering, ability to follow instructions and sequences, with the goal that the student will finish Preschool reading phonetically.

7.) Constantly training teachers on learning disorders, multiple intelligences, cooperative work, reading and writing method with the Montessori Methodology, managing to create new didactic material to put it into practice in class.

8.) Provided psychoeducation to parents and students on depression, anxiety and learning disorders and practical recommendations.


9.) Provided psychotherapy services on Wednesdays to students, mothers, and other family members.

10.) Institutionalized in the annual work processes psycho-pedagogical evaluations at the beginning of each year, to quantitatively measure the performance and academic capacity of all Grace Honduras students.

11.) Implemented multiple intelligences learning centers: where it is sought not only to develop logical-mathematical or linguistic intelligence but also musical, spatial, kinesthetic, naturalistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligence.

12.) Searched funding to build a playground area for children to develop their creativity, curiosity, and sociability while reducing levels of stress, aggressiveness, anxiety, and depression.

13.) Focused on implementing the principles and little by little the Montessori Methodology, exclusively for children with special educational needs.

14.) Implemented the "Response to Intervention" model for students with severe specific learning difficulties, having a teacher for each student who requires it, doing activities outside the classroom.

15.) Modified the content of the Honduran National Basic Educational Curriculum, adapting it to the needs of each student, focusing on reinforcing fluency and reading comprehension, all the errors found in students' writing, in addition to numerical and arithmetic comprehension.


Psychological Attention 
Emotional Support

Aside from the psychological support, we provide for our students, their mothers, and family, we do our best to release students from the chronic stress they live by delivering fun activities, in which they can learn, socialize, work as teams, strengthen their self-esteem, self-worth, identity, all of these strategic activities to promote healthy mental health.


Our children, at a very young age, are exposed to trauma, which damages their brain plasticity, making fewer neuronal connections than a brain that is not exposed to traumatic events at a young age. Also, lack of affection, family disintegration. We try to provide a safe space, filled with understanding, compassion, and Grace... 
Elison who works at the dump day and night passes by the school at night to have dinner and play games. This picture was taken the first time we heard him laugh out loud. 


Génesis portrays the emotional change that every child that enrolls in Grace has. She shows a big sadness and fear in her face when we began the classes in 2017 and when the dump was the only place she knew. Months passed....and her sad face disappeared FOREVER! 


Ninth-grade jewelry 

As a way to teach our older students, that there is another way to make money rather than picking up trash or get together with a man a start having babies at a very young age, we train them in how to make jewelry with recycled magazines. They feel proud of what they produce, even more, when they make money ha! We are looking for entrepreneurs spaces for people to get to know their talent and soon we´ll have the Grace Store here! 
Special thanks to Davivienda for supporting beginning this project. 

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