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Pray with us

We have God's promise that our prayers are not in vain, even if we don't receive specifically what we asked for (Matthew 6:6; Romans 8:26-27).


Prayers are what fuels Grace Honduras into fulfilling God’s purpose and mission, it also gives strength and hopes to everyone involved.

We need prayers for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, strength, wisdom, provision, and God’s presence in the projects we are doing. That we can feel the peace, warmth, and love that only Jesus brings. Please pray for Honduras, especially for the communities living in poverty and the people we serve in the trash dumps. Pray for salvation and restoration with God. Pray for the little children, that they would know God’s love and experience it. Never underestimate what your prayers can and will do!

Our relentless prayers are:

Our biggest prayer is to be able to help the children involved in the project. For them to get better health, proper growth, for Jesus to heal their emotional and spiritual wounds of abandonment, abuse, exploitation, loneliness, but especially their hunger for love. For them to recognize, and accept God as a Father (which is very hard because most of these children have an absent parent or are orphans). 

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We also pray for healing in their physical wounds, no more accidents or deaths by working in the dump. Please pray for their parents, for them to have the willingness to work with us into helping their children.

  • We pray for our team Jennifer, Katherine, Gabriela, Allan, and Nadia, who are passionate about serving this community, for them to have a heart for Jesus, show compassion, empathy, patience, and are proactive about trying to help solve the different challenges these children encounter. We also pray for Gloria Ochoa and Jenny Orellana, who serve in the kitchen and cleaning. We pray especially for Gloria and her family because they still visit the dump. For her children Eddy, Kevin, and Ian Aaron (who are in our school every day) and granddaughters. Our biggest prayer is for them to not visit the dump anymore.

  • We especially pray for Abigail, Genesis, Sara Jimena, Milli, Marbella, and Elsa; these sisters live in extreme poverty conditions and had to face several kinds of abuse and trauma, the consequence is that Abigail has trouble speaking, and she and Genesis have trouble learning. They also have anemia and one of our biggest hope is to see all of them perfectly healthy. They no longer are in Grace but we keep a special place for them in our hearts and minds and hope they can come back. 

  • We pray for the children that have left our school. For them to come back and realize education can help them get out of poverty.

  • We ask you to lift your prayers to help our moms to have a new house. We have only built 6, but all of our 107 families enrolled by 2022 need a new place to live. 

  • We pray to Jesus to give us strength, intelligence, and wisdom to look for fundraising strategies. We have faith God will provide us with the needed resources.

  • We pray for the 2022 school year, to all the new students, for them to learn, for our teachers to never lose strength, and to always have the resources to provide food for them every single day.

  • We pray for all our donors, to keep on supporting our children´s well-being. We pray for their lives, families, and heart; for the Holy Spirit to lift them up and never leave them. 

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