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Physical Attention 
Food Outreach Programme

We look relentlessly to provide 2 to 3 meals per day for every student; all of our kids suffer from malnutrition, parasites and different stomach related diseases. 

This is because they eat food they fin in the dump, which in many cases is contaminated and expired. We fight against that issue, by providing a nutritional menu, plus vitamins and medicines for parasites. 

We also provide almost in a daily basis food provision for all the family, and look for friends that can help us in this big task. 

Even though we are not only a dining place, we try to have our kitchen always open, this is because kids go to the dump to work at night, so we try to provide food before they go up the dump and also in the weekends, 

We need to provide food more frequently for our families in conditions of extreme poverty and thus ensure 100% the 3 times of clean food (not from the garbage dump) for the children.


We will try to obtain monthly donations of meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, soft drinks, milk, oats, sugar, etc. Since our ideal budget is $250 per week for food, so we ensure at least two meals a day for 200 children.


We will seek to start a school garden to reduce daily food costs.


As a construction project it is urgent to have a roof, to have tables and chairs that will be used for a school cafeteria.



Our projection regarding healthcare is:

1.) Have a medical and dental clinic in Grace.

2.) Receive at least four medical brigades.

3.) Provide medicines for all the school students medical needs, plus responding rapidly if they get ill. 

4.) Personalized attention for specific cases of illnesses in children.

5.) Promote getting vaccinated from Covid-19 and provide real information about its safety. 

6.) Provide information to woman about pregnancy, smart sexual planning and contraceptives methods. 


We have been able to attend to some medical cases, such as accidents at 3 in the morning of children who are coming down from work, children who have stepped in used needles inside the garbage dump, two fractured children, who we have taken to the doctor and paid for their surgeries emergencies, take numerous mothers who were about to give birth, to buy medications for specific students, we have taken two students to the Unitec Dental Clinic in Tegucigalpa to perform root canals. Plus providing Jireh the reparation of his hearing aid, so we can begin speech therapy for him. 

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