We are so thankful for the support businesses, organizations and local authorities continue to give us. They are an essential part of making our vision come to a reality and stop child exploitation in the San Pedro Sula trash dump.

San Pedro Sula´s Municipality

Thanks to Mayor Armando Calidonio, Mirna DiPalma and their team, we can have our project right in front of the entrance of the municipal trash dump. He also sponsors the salaries of our teachers and kitchen staff. The SPS Municipality has supported Christmas graduations, Children's Day, medical brigades, and preschool graduation, and they continue to support us up to this date. Now with Roberto Contreras administration we continue to receive the support on teachers salaries and electrical bill payments. 



GlobalGiving is a crowfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors and companies nearly every country around the world. GG makes possible that Grace can have access to funding, tools, training and support to become more effective. 

We have passed a rigorous vetting standars for trust and community support to become partners. This partnership will provide donors tax-deductible donations in the US and Gift Aid in UK. It´s and easy way to donate. Also thanks to this partnership GG Covid crisis fund and Disaster relief we have receive $26,000 in grants due to the relentless work Grace has done in 2020 and 2021. We feel blessed to be part of this great community. 

Convoy of Hope 

Thanks to COH we receive every month rice and different food for our children, like mashed potatoes, dry soup, corn flakes, cookies, hygiene supplies. Back in 2018 and 2019 they had with us the Women Empowerment Group who taught about microenterprises and helped them began a microbussines and Girls also had a group to reinforce their self-esteem and learn about Jesus Christ. 

Payless Honduras 

Payless is currently helping out children and their families donating shoes, socks and sometimes backpacks. During the years we have lost track of how many shoes they have donated. It surely is a blessing to have their trust towards our vision.

Alfasic de Honduras 

Honduran No-Profit Organization that certifies us as an educational center, using their SACE code we provide elementary certifications to our students, thanks to them we provide legal documentation from the Ministry of Education in Honduras from first to sixth grade. They also coach our teachers about educational methodology. 


IHER Honduras

IHER is and educational institute that certifies high school students. Thanks to this partnership we can provide legal certification from the Ministry of Education in Honduras from seventh to eleventh grade. 


Davivienda Honduras

Thanks to Soraya Suazo's conviction in transforming the trash dump community we are receiving in July 2021 a grant of $6,255 to support Grace Nutritional Program and other monthly expenses. 

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Food for the Poor

With Pastor Ricardo Luna, we received 1 container filled with donations to distribute to several organizations across San Pedro Sula, and planning several big projects coming sooooon! 


Operation Honduras

Thanks to Christof Wittwer, Jim Davenport, Vasanth Prabhu and a team of awesome missioners, we were able to build three classrooms. 

They have also helped in supporting Christmas celebration, buying kitchen supplies, supporting our Nutritional Program in 2019, support for the Covid crisis back in March 2020, providing a hearing aid for one of our students, providing uniforms in 2020, school supplies in 2021. 


hugo App

Hugo is a great app that can be downloaded in Central America, offering delivery services and a platform for Non-Profits to receive funding. If you live in Central America, you can find Grace Honduras under the "hugocare" category and donate to our mission.