This is a story about Grace...

After accepting Jesus into her heart on June 7th 2013, Katherine decided to do a volunteer translator work in a mission trip, after seeing the extreme poverty thousands of people suffered daily she prayed to God: “God I want to do this for the rest of my life”. Little did she knew she was signing one of the most important contracts of her life. God took that very seriously…
It was in December 2013, she visited the trash dump in Tegucigalpa for the very first time and what impacted her the most was a young boy walking BAREFOOT over piles of trash. That day she felt inside an extreme pain that could only be described as compassion. 
For her, it all began there….

Pastor Jeony, had work for 30 years with children living in the streets and children in the trash dump; he had accomplished so much in his life, began 4 different projects that provide integral assistance to these children, served hundreds of children and families through his lifetime, but God put into his heart the desired to began working in the trash dump in San Pedro Sula for several years…

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After Katherine visited Jeony’s project in Tegucigalpa he immediately talked about San Pedro Sula. But in 2016 the resources were limited… They had no school, no teachers, no money, NOTHING!

After a structured plan and sticking to it, nothing worked for them. No one was interested and every attempt to do something was crushed by the weight of other difficulties faced.

With no hope and ready to quit and maybe begin to work in 2018, they both visited the trash dump of San Pedro in November 2016, and met Eddy… a six-year-old barefoot boy.


Eddy was the smallest child there and the only one walking barefoot. It was a rainy season and all the trash dump was a huge mountain.

God promptly whisper into Katherine’s heart:


“Eddy’s bare feet

cannot wait any longer”.

They both recovered energy and hope and decided to try again. But God wanted to take all credit and glory…
In May 2017, they began classes with 25 students, in a building with no doors or windows, with only 200$ for food and a small offering for 3 volunteer teachers. 
Weeks passed and the financial situation got worse, one Monday, 9-year-old Abigail came to classes, hoping there will be food, but that Monday, we had nothing to offered them. At 10 am, Abigail fell from her chair to the floor, teachers and all her classmates got scared. Quickly the teachers lift her up and gave water to her, found some fruits from the trees nearby. 

Abigail told them, she didn’t had anything to eat since Saturday…

She passed out from hunger. 

Desperately teachers called Jeony and Katherine. We all cried in bitterness but knew we were not doing enough. They both sold their cars to buy school supplies, pay for teachers and food for 25 students from the trash dump. 


God’s glory was and is manifested. Today we have 200 students, 1 high school student, 1 university student, 4 new classrooms, two meals per day, school supplies, 8 teachers, microenterprises for mothers, a school orchard, legal assistance for birth certificates, eventual healthcare brigades, and more.

This could only have happened by the GRACE of God.

Eddy is currently in fifth grade, his brother Kevin is in third grade, his younger brother Aaron is in first grade, his niece Isis too, and his mother Gloria is our school cook. 

Abigail is currently in third grade and a mentor in Preschool, goes to school every day with her other 5 siblings. Her mother and older sister were in the micro-business women group of Convoy of Hope. Thanks to Ruth Cheung we build a house for both families.