We are privileged to count on a group of men and women who love God and constantly seek compassion towards others.


Grace unsung heroes

"For me Grace is like my second home"  - Jennifer

For years we have prayed to have the right people serving our children, men and women who are conscious of the problem we are tackling, who can take the children´s heart and nurture it, mind and expand it, and faith and make it grow. God has heard our prayers and we have the best of the best here, get to know us ;)

Katherine Melissa Mejía

Hi, I am Katherine, I am 31 years old, and I´m the Founder of Grace Honduras. I have a Bachelor's in Educational, Clinical, and Business Psychology, a Master's in Human Resource Management, currently studying for a Masters's degree in Clinical Psychology, I´m certified in Preschool Education Methodology;

I´m planning on studying for a Bachelor´s in Special Education next year, we´ll see what God has in store for me. 
I also won a local award for social entrepreneurs, which the university I studied at promotes. 
I am passionate about psychology and psychopedagogy. 
I have worked in brigades as a translator and then after I finished my master's I began working in Grace, back in 2013, and haven´t stopped since. 


I love to hear Pink Floyd, Above and Beyond, my favorite movies are Requiem for a dream, The Joker, and The Butterfly Effect; I enjoyed Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Dark, Got to get away with murder, Chernobyl, and El Club the Cuervos, my favorite book is Kisses from Katie and The Color of Grace; I like spending my free in 9gag and watching movies and documentaries in Netflix. My favorite dish is sushi, and I totally dislike waking up in the early morning, I can´t live life without 2 cups of coffee, my chapstick, and Spotify. 

For me Grace is my daughter, is a burning flame inside of me, words can´t even truly describe my feelings towards what Grace has become to... especially the children we serve. One of my many dreams is to be able to have a nursery with the Montessori Method for babies from 0-3, so they never go to the dump. 

I remember crying in my room at night wondering why God has put that feeling inside my heart and what he wanted of Grace and me, little did I know his plans. I feel like my life purpose is to serve these children and every day I try my best to do so. My favorite bible verse is 2 Corinthians 12:9 which says "my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness...".
I live THAT! I truly am so weak, vulnerable, and unable and only with the mercy and power of God can serve in Grace, and for that, I feel truly humbled and honored. 


Allan Gerhardus
López Reyes

Hi, my name is Allan, I am 29 years old. I have a Bachelor´s degree in Sociology, which I got at the National University of Honduras. 

For several years I worked as a consultant and assistant in social development projects, in different institutions and departments in Honduras, to be exact in 15 of the 18 departments, until I met Grace Honduras and came to settle in the City of San Pedro. Sula.

As a sociologist, I know that a project that only lasts a few months or a maximum of 5 years is not enough to help people in the best way and more to children, whom the political, social, cultural, and economic system of our country marginalizes and that society forgets. They are human beings with the same rights as anyone else who was born in Honduras. And for that reason, I didn’t think twice about leaving Tegucigalpa City where I used to live, and move to San Pedro Sula, with just a suitcase, several dreams, and goals that thank God I am achieving.


Reading is something I like to do, it makes you travel to other worlds, and it serves to develop critical thinking of our children and young people for whom we work. That is why I think "a child who reads is not easy to fool." I also like to play soccer in my spare time and watch games in the different leagues in the world.


Regarding musical tastes, I lean more towards Spanish artists who have a flamenco-like tone, I really like pasta, as well as seafood, in terms of cinema I always like films with a social sense, which leave us a lesson, such as those of Mario Moreno Cantinflas.  My favorite book is Don Quixote, the verse that I like the most in the bible is; Instruct the child in his way, And even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22: 6.


Grace Honduras means a lot to me, as it is the opportunity that I have always waited for since I enrolled in the Sociology bachelor. Serving others is a way to thank God for the many blessings in my life. Each child has a different story with multiple qualities, they are children who never lose their smile, no matter how difficult their life is.


Being part of their learning process for their lives is something that cannot be described so easily since children have also taught me many things, seeing them every day with enthusiasm to learn motivates us to continue fighting to create a better environment for them, that within their innocence they still do not know much but that at the same time the community and trash dump forces them to grow faster without them being aware of it.


I love my job, working for the children fills me with happiness every day, I don't feel like I'm working with them, I feel like I'm working for them. My teammates are excellent, more than coworkers we have come to form a family, where there is a complement between all of us where we help each other in the difficulties we have and we exploit the talent of each one to the maximum in order to serve the children with excellence and love.

I consider myself at the service 24/7, the work we are doing in Grace is truly transforming lives. I have got to know each one of the students and their struggles, it's a miracle they get to finish one school year. 

Nadia Sarahí Rodríguez Fino

Hi, I am Nadia, I like listening to music, reading and learning languages. My favorite movie is called looking for happiness. Injustice and falsehood annoy me.

A bachelor's intern in administrative informatics, my first job was in a commercial store called Sears in the credit area for 8 and a half years. I worked at the Brewery in the call center area for 7 months.

I like listening to music, reading and learning languages. My favorite movie is called looking for happiness. Injustice and falsehood annoy me.


I am currently studying for a bachelor's in Administrative Informatics, my first job was in a commercial store called Sears in the credit area for 8 and a half years. I worked at the Brewery in the call center area for 7 months. 

Until I joined Grace Honduras, in which I will be working for 3 years, I have felt very happy since I have learned to be empathetic to strengthen the love of neighbor by contributing a little to the lives of each of the Grace Honduras students. When I arrived at the project they had no other dream but to continue working in the sanitary landfill and that today they have the desire to become teachers, doctors, policemen, stylists, etc. It makes me feel good. Trusting that with the help of God their dreams can be fulfilled.

I feel very comfortable with my teacher friends in Grace, due to the good work environment which is based on the respect that exists between each of us, this facilitates productivity by providing each one with experience and support for whatever we need.

One of my favorite verses is I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me; Philippians 4:13. 


Because without Jesus Christ we are nothing since he is the engine of our lives, he is the guide and our example to follow.


Menna Gabriela Santos Carranza

My name is Menna Gabriela Santos, I am 26 years old, I am Honduran, born in San Pedro Sula, I live with my parents and my younger sister. My family is very important to me, my parents are humble and hardworking people, I learned values ​​from them. I've been working since I was 16 selling things (makeup, nail polish, accessories etc.) to help my parents pay for my education. 

 I managed to enter the National University of Honduras, and with a lot of will and effort, I finished my career, I have a degree in Psychology.


My first jobs were informal, they consisted of selling things to pay for personal and educational expenses. As I progressed through college, I got a formal job. I worked as a teacher and counselor at the basic and intermediate level, in a private educational institution. At that moment I discovered how rewarding and exciting the world of education is. I spent 4 years in that job until the health crisis due to a pandemic affected our country. In the midst of the pandemic, Grace Honduras opened the doors for me and I work happily with them. I am the Preschool principal teacher, I also provide psychological assistance and counseling.

Grace Honduras is undoubtedly the most humanitarian, noble, and full of daily challenges work, every day something new is learned and our social, creative, and teaching skills must be pushed to the limit. The work team is small, but they are so close that they work with dedication and love. Grace Honduras has marked a before and after in my life in a positive way, it opened my eyes to another reality where I learned to value even the simplest of life. It is a harsh and hostile context, violence, extreme poverty, abandonment and children face everything to not drop out of school and with it their goals and dreams. Being able to be a small part of helping these kids get ahead is the biggest reward for me.

I love children, I consider myself a dynamic and outgoing person, being able to serve others is my joy. The children have taught me to be a better teacher, a better psychologist, and a better person.

God in my life is my guide because he is the clearest example of love, service, and fidelity.

My hobbies are painting, singing and cooking, I am fascinated by the sea, listening to music and I read everything that catches my attention. My favorite books: The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo, Dibs in Search of the Self by Virginia Axline, and The Unconscious by Freud, my favorite verse is: I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. My favorite movie is like stars on Eaarth and Matilda. My favorite instrument is the violin and my favorite animal is the dolphin, I don't know my favorite food, I like everything, but I love coffee.


Jennifer López Orellana 

My name is Jennifer López Orellana, I am 17 years old.
I am currently in my senior year of high school, studying the Sciences and Humanities career which I finish this year 2021.

My favorite verse is Colossians 3:23 says: and whatever you do, do it from the heart as for the Lord and not for men.

I really like listening to music and playing soccer. My favorite food is ceviche and I can´t live without Coca-Cola. 
My favorite movie is Stars on Earth.
For me, Grace Honduras is like my second home Because it is the place where I feel best, Grace Honduras is also the NGO that has been able to make my dream of continuing to study come true, next year with God's help I will be able to go to University, a dream that I always said was not going to come true, but now Grace has taught me that it can.


Currently, I am a Preschool Assistant, a job that has taught me what the reality of life is. Children are very important to me, thanks to them I can smile every day learn new things, And realize that no matter what happens around us we can smile at life. I love the friendship we have between coworkers because although we are few, we are well united and together we can do a good job.

Jenny Elizabeth Orellana Trujillo


I am Doña Jenny (right), currently working in the kitchen, in charge of the Nutritional Programme, I also am the coordinator of the parents volunteering in the kitchen. 

Before Grace came to the community, it was all dull and we had many problems sending our children to school. I worked in the dump for several years and had a house I made myself out of old 

aluminum sheets I find in the trash dump. But now, Grace has all of the children studying there, my oldest, Jennifer, is graduating from high school,with a scholarship, Grace gave to her and for Christmas gift and after hurricanes Eta and Iota they built a house for me and my children. I am blessed to be part of this awesome team and love cooking for the children and see them grow. 

Gloria Esperanza Ochoa Caceres

I am Gloria and alongside Jenny, we work together in the kitchen, my 3 boys and one granddaughter are students at Grace. Back in 2016 I worked picking up cans in the trash dump, now I have a job I love, financial stability, food in my house every day, a new house, and soon my very own micro-business of selling food. 


Narciso Dositeo Martínez Chacon

My name is Narciso, but people call me "Chito", even my wife. I work in many things at Grace, from construction, school maintenance, taking care of the garden, helping in whatever chore is needed. 

I feel useful and also grateful because my 4 children are students at Grace and even my wife. I have learned so many things here. This job has given me dignity and identity, I used to work collecting copper and aluminum but I no longer go to the dump.