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One more lesson to learn

We were cordially invited by José Abraham to visit his home, José Abraham, a 6-year-old first grader, already has suffered the loss of his father, who was recently killed in the trash dump and was found buried in a plant nursery in front of the dump a month later; story told by Doña Aracely, mother of José Abraham, a 50-year-old woman, abused by life. “Our home is just a small house, but God knows we live here.” It's the first thing you see in the doorway when you arrive at the small hut built with cardboard, pieces of plastic and some ramps they have found in the garbage dump, where Doña Aracely, her children and deceased husband work. In this narrow place there are six people living, incl

How do you know your prayers are being answered?

This afternoon, during lunch, Eidy one of our university students told us about the supernatural experience she had three days ago. Generally, the taxi that brings her at night from the university to her house always arrives before Eidy finishes her classes, but this time for some reason the taxi driver got there late. While Eidy waited outside the university, a man on a motorcycle parked in front of her, immediately Eidy noticed that she was alone, but showed no fear. This man demands her to give him her cellphone, purse (with her laptop inside) and all her money, without showing resistance, Eidy gave the man what he asked, she carried no cash because she told him that she never takes money

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Building dreams and recycling lives to give hope to the children working in the trash dump.