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Never in my life I lived a week so intense like this one. We had a phenomenal graduation party. God manifested His glory as always in an amazing way. We were nervous for weeks thinking we wouldn’t reach our goal and certainly wouldn’t had food for 90 guests. But the Mayor of San Pedro Sula City, Armando Calidonio donated delicious food and drinks for 90 people. He also donated chairs and tables. Also one of the members of the Municipal Corporation, Mirna de Palma brought gifts for everyone. We receive 50 chicken from Pollo Rey, so we had extra food to give away. Ana Dominguez got 30 families to sponsor one gift each, as well as provisions for the school kitchen and nursery. Club Leo from Do

Changing their thoughts

If you change your way of thinking, you change your way of living. Interesting.... I was reading a book about neuropsychology and the effects that positive or negative motivation produces in people; their actions depend on what others tell them what they can do and cannot do. The exercise consisted in asking someone to score the most baskets as possible in a free shot. The first participant, a girl, didn't score a single one, she said she had never play basketball before. The instructor ask to try to hoop one more time, she said she couldn't, she had tried enough. The instructor insisted to try one more time, he said he believe she could do it, but this time he would cover her eyes, plus a g

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