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Nelson's Graduation

Have you ever had the sensation of time stopping, waking up and realize it's been weeks and even months. Most of the time it happens when we are dealing with big problems, which we think have no solution. That happened to me this year. One day I received a call that reported one of our students, Abigail fainted due to hunger. That was because we didn't had any money to buy food neither pay for teacher's salary. We even though of closing the school in San Pedro Sula. Out of the sudden I woke up today thinking our first graduation will be december 16th. I still remember the first day of classes like it was yesterday. When I taught for the first time the song "Gusaninglish", which later became

Rights not right

In a paragraph of Ramon Amaya Amador’s book “Cipotes”, Catica says to Folofo: “I believe we should pray God for Him to heal my mom." “What for?” Folofo replies, “If God only hears rich people. What we should do is ask a rich person to pray for mother, because we will never be heard”. Even though the writer tells a story of how children living on the streets think in 1963, these perception of God is still prevalent between the poorest, especially children. What the Declaration of the Rights of the Child says about them: (Milli, Genesis, Sara Jimena, Abigail, Eddy, Jason and Paola) 1) They have the right to receive education: But they can’t be enrolled in a public school because their pare

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Building dreams and recycling lives to give hope to the children working in the trash dump.