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The big gap

My youngest niece just turn one year, her name is Sara Jimena. This past Sunday she visited my house, it´s amazing all the silly faces she can come up with. She climbs to the table and starts to crawl it. It´s hilarious watching her eat and her smile can light up all her face. While she was playing, Jennifer her mother and Javier my brother were side to side of her, like bodyguards. Sara Jimena is so protected that she is willing to take risks like throwing herself from the table, because she knows her father will catch her in the air. I love Sara Jimena. In school, we have a two year old baby that reminds me of Sara Jimena, her name is Milli Esther. I spent some time with her last week. S

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Building dreams and recycling lives to give hope to the children working in the trash dump.