Romans 11:29 for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.

First time I visited the dump in Tegucigalpa what impacted my life the most was a child walking barefoot through piles of garbage. How could he? Even I wearing boots was afraid of walking. That sight marked my life forever. God used that to call me to serve the trash dump, and everything started.

For the past several months life hasn’t been easy. Several problems, conflicts, rumors, gossip and confrontations had taken away my joy and strength. I felt defeated, broken, useless, unworthy, inadequate, depressed and with no desire to continue. One Monday morning I was ready to quit everything and just disappear when my best friend called me and said: “God spoke to me and I need to take you to the dump today”.

When entering the trash dump I felt how the burden in my shoulders was decreasing and how my emotional problems were not as big as I had made them. We fed and share with the kids there, but the smallest of all the children was a six year old barefoot boy, he was the only one without shoes.

The dump was all muddy because of the rain, how could he even walk and get inside the piles of trash barefoot!!!!! I leaved feeling selfish, for all the time and strength wasted in issues that didn’t matter that much. His barefoot feet and empty tummy were not going to wait for me to “feel like working” or “not feel sad anymore”. I needed to stand up and I needed to do it immediately.

A couple of days had passed and I felt how my fatigue was gone, but one afternoon I thought how God used the same strategy when He called me for the first time and when I was ready to quit for good (and actually did for several months). And a peaceful whisper came into my mind reminding me of a similar story, Peter….


I can hardly imagine how Peter felt, like a failure, a hypocrite, not worthy and inadequate to live the calling and follow Jesus (I was feeling that way). That day Jesus came to him and did the same fish trick to him. How could you even look at Jesus in the face after such betrayal, there’s no words to express the regret and bitterness in your heart, but Jesus didn't need a big explanation, just a surrendered heart.


“Do you love me?” – He asked

“Take care of my sheep”- He said  < John 21:16 >   


Once again he helped me remember everything and the decision to give my life to serve a six year old boy working barefoot in the garbage dump was made again and I found the joy I had lost in a garbage dump.

  • Katherine Melissa Mejía

PS: Eddy is doing great in his second grade, his brother Kevin is in first grade and the smallest Aaron, is getting ready to start PreSchool, meanwhile he visits the school everyday to play and eat. His mother Gloria is our cook and cleaning lady. San Pedro Sula Municipality provides her a salary thanks to Mayor Armando Calidonio and she is actively assisting to the entrepreneur women group of Convoy of Hope. 

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Building dreams and recycling lives to give hope to the children working in the trash dump.