2020 School Year

To keep on providing education, nutrition, healthcare, emotional and spiritual support, and recreational activities we need to fundraise $135,677.38 equivalent to 3,382,437.00 Lempiras. 

Thanks to all of our donors we already have 2,262,900.00 Lempiras, equivalent to $ 91,801.24, which means our goal is to fundraise 1, 025,222.00, equivalent to $ 44, 397.49

Check our 2020 Projection Report report to know more about Grace's financial situation, approach, and what we have accomplished. 

Read it in spanish here:
Read it in english here: 
Grace Honduras in action 2020 (1).png

Help us reach our goal to stop child exploitation in San Pedro Sula´s garbage dump.


$95 K

$135 K

NOTE: You can also make donations at the savings account Grace Honduras 010120326730 in Lempiras or donate through "hugo" app if you live in Central America.