2017 Graduation & Christmas Celebration

We are so grateful for all our donors, thanks to them our first graduation and Christmas celebration was a huge success.

All Preschoolers attended the ceremony (Sandra Stephany and her mom were in Copan Ruins and a day before graduation she got back to school, she was my Christmas miracle), First graders got their certificates, they all did their performance, Eddy gave the best speech ever and all of our children received three gifts.

We give God all glory and praise and a special thanks to our donors: San Pedro Sula Municipality, Mayor Armando Calidonio, Mirna de Palma, David Larry Rick, Ana Dominguez, Mr. Joe Vega, Javier Santos, and all Club Leo from Dowal School, Pollo Rey, Jeony Ordóñez, Kristin Milhizer, Sheri Meserve, Evelyn and Yenn Woolston, Kenyon and Jennifer Warbritton, Christine Barrera, Sara Patrick, Efraín Aguilar and Cinthia Mondragon.

Thanks to the support and trust of each one of you, all of our students had a special day. Parents felt especially proud of all their children had achieved.

Friends from UK, USA and Honduras worked together into making this possible. Thanks to all of you we reached our goal to fundraise $1,500.00.

Thank you for believing together we can stop child exploitation in garbage dumps in Honduras.